Sunday, April 26, 2009


I have been able to take a step back and really try to take one day at a time recently. I started reading in 1 Peter as part of my devotions, and decided to see what Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Bible had to say about the book, and the first chapter in general. The book is addressed to believers throughout the nations. What I found particularly insightful was Henry's description of hope: "Hope, in the world's phrase, refers only to an uncertain good, for all worldly hopes are tottering, built upon sand, and the worldling's hopes of heaven are blind and groundless conjectures. But the hope of the sons of the living God is a living hope; not only as to its object, but as to its effect also. It enlivens and comforts in all distresses, enables to meet and get over all difficulties."
I want my hope to be grounded in Christ. I want to know that the effect of hope in my life produces a desire for things beyond the scope of this world. A hope that brings comfort in the most uncertain times, enabling me to step toward the challenges, knowing that this is not where my hope lies. I want to extend that hope to others - a hope that isn't built upon an uncertain longing for some sort of goodness. But, instead a hope that is life giving and a guiding lighthouse in the storms and quiet seas.
That said, we looked at quite a few houses on Friday and found some that we liked, but are going to look again this coming Saturday. Please pray for us to find the exact house that the Lord would want us to be in. One that would allow us to extend hospitality and life to those around us. Also, please pray for us to find a third roommate. The houses that we liked would require that we find one other person. I know that the Lord will provide in exactly His timing for all of these requests. Thanks for being a part of my life and for lifting up these needs!

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