Wednesday, September 23, 2009

4 think I would learn

Recently, I was informed by someone of the opposite gender that what had been confusing and vague for me for the past almost year has apparently been over since that time. Amazing how men expect to be able to have this big conversation about "just being friends," and then proceed to want the same kind of connection that they had before this conversation. Does anyone else see how this would be confusing for me?
What is even more frustrating for me is that I could have prevented this all by just saying "no" a year and a half ago. "No" to long distance, "no" to lack of commitment, and simply listened to the advice in He's just not that into you. What compounds this situation is that it is the 4th (that's right, 4th) time this has happened to me. You would think I would learn to avoid men with the same traits and characteristics. That the next time a man says he's deploying or what have you and he's not looking for a romantic relationship, that is my cue to run fast and hard in the opposite direction.
I think what is even harder to stomach is the comment on lack of "electric connection." Really, seriously? Apparently this is a much bigger deal to men than it is to me. I believe that there must be a connection, but I don't foresee it looking like the Atom Bomb mushroom cloud. I am a much more firm believer in choosing to love someone and making that commitment. I know that when I'm as huge as the Titanic because I'm pregnant, my feet are swollen and I'm hormonal the only thing that will save my relationship is not a Big Bang, but someone choosing to love.
Apparently the old adage is true, "Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned." Although I believe that I handled the situation with the man in question very level-headed and appropriately. Now to find some comfort in the Psalms.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

more weekend, please!

I can hardly believe that this weekend is almost over. I have looked forward to sleeping in so much, and have successfully accomplished this task for 2 consecutive mornings. Much has passed in the last day, to include a hike in Garden of the Gods, investigating more potential housing options, making a yummy potato, green onion, zucchini & feta gallette, running, going to church, and gearing up for GroupLink at church tonight.
I've decided to take the plunge and try to get into a small group for the fall, even though it will mean one less weeknight to myself (selfish, selfish, Natasha!). I know that community is truly found in small groups, and I need to just muster my courage and proceed.
On a different note, I've started looking at my debt (yikes! Thank you, grad school.). I'm so close to paying off my car that I can practically taste it! If you have any ideas about how I can earn some extra mon
ey, my goal is to get the car paid off by March and then start chipping away on my student loans. I've started to investigate picking up contract work through some different organizations in town that pretty much will let me pick my hours and the number of patients I pick up, which would be great. I would be doing this work on top of my current full-time job. I'm telling myself to just do it for a year and then go from there. One of the things that people fail to tell you is that if you don't have the money for graduate school, it's probably not a good idea to go and have to pay for it with student loans. Not that I could have done much with my degree otherwise, but hindsight is always 20/20.
For those who didn't get the email or have tim
e to view it, here are some pictures from Pikes Peak Challenge last weekend! We pretty much hiked in cool, threatening weather the entire way. The sun peeked out for a couple minutes around treeline, and then it went back into hiding. As we were getting into the van to leave the top, it started snowing! Enjoy, and hopefully I'll have a more coherent update next week! Oh, and please pray about housing possibilities - this is feeling like a marathon!

On the trail between Barr camp and A-frame/treeline.

The whole group hanging out for a few minutes at A-frame. The sun is shining!

We made it! Isn't our view from the top lovely? Nothing like ending the day in a cloud, literally!

Oh yeah, here's me. Hiking boots, long underwear and about 6 layers of shirts never looked so good, right? Ha!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

I broke down...

And bought a Kitchenaid Mixer off craigslist! Many of you know that I'm doing Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, and don't worry, the money came from somewhere so there's still a zero balance in my budget! I actually came home Thursday night and all of a sudden it dawned on me to look on craigslist for a mixer. I found one in Woodland Park for $125, which I called about Friday morning. My friend, Nicole, & I drove up to get it last night. I bought it from some folks that moved out here from Louisiana. The guy told me they had given up on baking in the altitude, which I found hilarious! I checked it out, made sure it works, and paid for the new kitchen implement! I did not come home & bake, just to let you all know. I thought it might be silly to place another mixer on the counter at the family's house I'm living in right now. Below is a picture of my new mixer! I guess I'll just have to take Keri's advice and someday when I get married register for a more sophisticated one or something! Making Kringle at Christmas will definitely be easier with a mixer, that's for sure. Now if I can just get my hands on one of those heavy duty rolling pins that you could practically kill someone with....