Saturday, June 20, 2009


Well, I passed my board exam! I am done studying for a very, very long time! I am still waiting for final approval from the state of Colorado for my license, but the worst is over by far.
My new job is fun and trying at the same time. The staff and kids are great, with a few children that are definitely tough, but so far so good. The administrative aspect of the job has been the most difficult. Things like who tells me how many visits the insurance company authorizes, how to do billing, how to dictate notes, where my paperwork goes, etc, have been challenging and so much to remember. The other PT that started with me is a new graduate as well and we have become good friends. She shares the same faith background and is just a joy to be around. We've been able to bounce ideas off each other and ask each other if the other remembers different things we've been told. I'm excited to get to know her better and hopefully hang out some outside of work.
I've also found a church to plant myself in for the next year at least. It's called Woodmen Valley Chapel, and I've actually been doing a summer women's Bible study through the church. The Bible study is called "Anointed" and has teaching by Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore & Kay Arthur that has been amazing so far (regardless of the fact that I haven't been able to finish all the homework!). I'm excited to get more connected in the young adult ministry called the Timothy Project, which meets Sunday mornings before church. I'll keep you all posted on more events as the summer goes on. I'm hoping to find a solid group of friends that I will be able to hang out with on a regular basis to do things like ultimate frisbee, hiking the incline and playing games. Moving to a new place definitely has it's challenges, but I know that I'm here for a reason. If nothing else, the beauty of hitting golf balls at the driving range at the Air Force Academy has been totally worth the move!

Sunday, June 07, 2009


I've had a couple of requests for details about what is going on with my job and how I feel about it. I promise to write more on this topic! Right now, I'm just asking for prayer as I frantically try to review the last few areas before my big board exam. I take the exam this coming Thursday at 9am. It's scheduled for 5 hours (250 questions), but I'm pretty sure I'll be done before then. Please pray for me to recall information accurately and for focus during the exam. I've realized in recent days that I will not be able to take the exam, much less pass, without the Lord and His ultimate provision. I want Him to be glorified in this exam and the results! I promise to write more about the job after Thursday!