Saturday, April 10, 2010


I have discovered the wonderful art of flashmob!  If you are unfamiliar with flashmob dancing, here's a couple of links to get you going.  The first is a performance at a train station in Antwerp.  Click here to view this video.  I love the little kids & just how diverse the dancers are in this video!  Next is a clip from Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, which is my new TV show obsession.  I feel such a connection to the change Jamie is trying to create because I was an undergraduate research assistant for professors doing work on childhood obesity.  It's staggering the impact that obesity is having on health all over the country.  Here's the link to Jamie's flashmob food dance (click here).  Finally, here's the link for a flashmob dance at a wedding.  I am totally going to incorporate something like this at my wedding someday, so beware!  I think it's such a unique and fun idea.  Click here to see the wedding flashmob dance!  Enjoy!