Friday, March 19, 2010


I'm trying to stay positive & upbeat right now.  Just a statement before I get into the details of the last week.  Tough things come in threes, or so I've noticed.  I got into a car accident last Friday morning.  I was following my roommate to the Honda dealer so she could get her oil changed while we were at work that morning.  The sun was brilliant & the glare was blinding as I was driving east.  As I came to the crest of a hill, the glare of the sun was right in my eye & all of a sudden the car in front of me was stopped.  I slammed on my brakes, but still rear-ended the car in front of me.  That's all I really remember or know of what happened.  Five cars were involved in the accident total, but it really hasn't been determined who was responsible for what.  The police officer said (& I think put in his report) that the car in front of the one that I hit had hit the car in front of him first & then the car in front of me hit their brakes to avoid it & I hit him.  No one was hurt & no airbags deployed in any vehicle.  I was able to drive away afterward.  After filing the insurance claim, I took my car to a recommended collision shop for a damage estimate, which at the time was at least $3,000.  The guy who did the estimate said he did not think I should be driving the car because it was structurally not safe & leaking something, which he hoped was the air condenser.  Fortunately I have good car insurance (hooray for USAA) and I'm driving a rental car currently.  However, I finally called the collision place today to see what was going on with my vehicle.  The guy I talked to on the phone told me my car was "unrepairable" and he had sent the estimate & information to my insurance company in the past couple of days.  I immediately called my insurance adjuster, who left the office early on Friday afternoon, so I had to leave a message.  So, I'm pretty sure my car is totaled & I am now looking for another car.  I've got a lead on a car that I like already, but I'm waiting for the seller to call me back so I can find out more information.  I'd really like an all-wheel drive or 4 wheel drive car, since I live in the land of constant snowfall.  We'll see how God will provide & show Himself faithful through all this!