Sunday, November 28, 2010

what I learned from disney cartoons

Eva and I headed to the movies today to see "Tangled," the latest Disney animated film.  I've been wondering for years when they'd do the whole Rapunzel story.  I mean as a kid I started ticking off all the fairy tales that I knew & there were only a few left that Disney hadn't covered.  Well folks, here it is, the bottom of the barrel.  According to my cousin, who is a research analyst for Starz, Disney did research with 5-6 year old girls recently & compared it to research on 8-9 year old girls from the 80's.  Apparently 25 years ago, when little girls were asked what they wanted to be the words "princess" & "pretty" were the 2 that came up the most.  The recent study shows that 5-6 year old girls want to be "hot" & "cool."  I find that absolutely atrocious, and a wake up call for parents.  So apparently "Tangled" will be the last of the fairy tales, since there isn't a demand for them by 5-6 year old girls anymore.
Now on to the much more interesting things I've learned from Disney movies.  This is a collaborative effort with Eva.  We discussed it coming out of the theater in my "cynical about romance" state that happens after movies.
10.  If you are the size of a toothpick, true love is bound to find you.
9.  If you have a dream, it will come true & in the process you will meet the love of your life.
8.  If you fling your hair about, especially if it is blond, it will automatically attract prince charming.
7.  If you go around wielding a frying pan & use it to knock out the next man, he will surely end up being the love of your life.
6.  If your eyes are half the size of your face, you will get a man.
5.  If you have a trusty animal sidekick, such as a hummingbird, chameleon or mouse, you will not only have a protector, but a sure sign that true love will soon follow.
4.  If you have an amazing voice & sing in the forest, small creatures will flock to you & so will men.
3.  If you have been lost or hidden from your parents, you will undoubtedly find true love riding up to you on a horse. He will restore you to your parents & marry you.
2. If you are the heiress to a kingdom, you will find the love of your life.
1. If you can pull off pastels, you can totally get prince charming (or pc for short).
Number 1 explains a lot in my life.  Bummer that my color scheme is winter! 

Saturday, November 06, 2010


Here are some pictures of the goings on lately.
First up is a picture of me with my cousin's girlfriend, Gus.  We were at my other cousin's wedding, which was lovely.   The picture was snapped in the 5 minutes when it wasn't raining.
I made cake pops for a co-workers baby shower.  I intended to do some additional fun things to them to add a special touch.  Alas, time escaped me & I was unable to do anything beyond the pops themselves.

 Next, my roommate got a new car!  I know some people who will appreciate pictures, so here they are.  Not sure if a name has been decided.  I suggested Paco.
Here's one of the pictures that my roommate took when I was trying to find something for a Christmas card.

 We've been enjoying spectacular weather here - high of 80 degrees today.  I'm soaking up every last ounce of it!  I've been running a lot lately, but yesterday took the cake.  I had been cooking all afternoon in preparation for a friend's birthday.  I was chopping, mincing & igniting brandy over chicken for a good long time without a single kitchen catastrophe!  However, within 100 feet of starting running, I tripped & skinned my left ankle, knee & hand.  It didn't keep me from running or enjoying my friend's birthday dinner with chocolate martinis to follow!