Saturday, April 18, 2009


As the week has progressed, I am feeling more and more overwhelmed. I have been working close to (if not over) 50 hours a week, I need to finish my special project for this rotation, put together my inservice, find a place to live and study like no ones business. I had to shovel the thick, heavy, feet of snow twice from the driveway due to the crazy winter storm that attacked our area and prevented me from getting away to Colorado Springs this weekend. Timelines are starting to light up like Christmas strands all over my planner. To make matters even more tough, I need to move on from lots of different things in life. It's hard to move on though when there's not much to move on to at this immediate time.
All this to say that prayer is much needed and appreciated (as well as me spending some quality time in the Word). I can't do this alone, never have been able to and have always seen the importance of community in supporting people through all different times in life.
Now I need to get back to my projects and studying...


Gail said...

Praying for you! hang in there!

Marie said...

You'll do great Natasha. Thanks for keeping it real for us!

Eva said...


This is exactly how I felt one year ago! If you recall, a year ago I was running around like a crazy woman--trying to run a marathon, sell all of my furniture to wackos on Craigslist, and move to Colorado. But just hang in there and you will make it! Just eliminate everything that does not have to be done!