Friday, April 03, 2009


My boss gave me today off since he's gone, which was great as I got to spend some time with my aunt and watch the sky for the impending doom of the blizzard that is on the way. I miss Kansas City spring thunderstorms!
On this lovely day off, I got up, ran and then my aunt and I went to a little dive looking restaurant that serves the most delicious pancakes! We tried a sampler of Lemon Blueberry, Bananas Foster, Tiramisu and Strawberry Cheesecake pancakes, all of which were so tasty. After this adventure, we went to an antique mall where my aunt's friend has a booth with beautiful furniture and other pieces. I was on the hunt for some antique cordial glasses and ended up coming home not only with glasses but with Currier & Ives plates. The antique mall is one of those places where if I'm not careful I could end up with a lot of useless but fun purchases. The plates were something that really struck me because of the different color of blue and the scenes that make me think of the song "Over the River and Through the Woods" - definitely Americana. I only bought 4 plates, and have decided that I will use them for decorating at this point, but I may decide to find more of them in the future to actually use. Although, the plates will remain in the basement of my aunt's for now until I actually move into some housing arrangement in Colorado Springs.
My aunt and I have also decided to do some cooking tomorrow while we get loads of snow. Look for an update about making sweet potato gnocchi and apple pie (the way my grandma used to make it!). I'll try to include some pictures too!

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