Friday, March 06, 2009

kansas city

I leave tomorrow morning bright and early for Colorado! I've been packing, loading my car and cleaning all day. Time for a blog break! Here are some of the things I will miss about Kansas City:
* Summer Theater in the Park with friends and picnic dinners!
* Student discounts at Starlight, the Opera, the Symphony & most especially the $20 tickets for the Lion King that were originally $120!
* Running the Kansas City 1/2 Marathon every October (and the personal best that I did this year!).
* Running on Mill Creek Trail and in Shawnee Mission Park.
* Shopping at Town Center and the Plaza.
* Scooter's!
* The blasted Chinook that flies around Olathe at least once a month (is it sad that I can now tell what it is by the sound it makes?).
* Hot guy Hyvee.
* Celebration at the Station for Memorial Day and the cannon for the 1812 Overture.
* The Plaza lights at Christmastime.
* Sprint Thanksgiving Day 5K.
* Bumping into people in Target and Starbucks.
* First Fridays - art and chocolate!
* Working with some of the cutest children ever.
* Sushi with awesome people!
All of these things would not be nearly as meaningful without the amazing friendships that I've had in the past almost 3 years. I will miss my Kansas City family and will visit frequently!
Now to start this process all over again as I uproot and begin life in Colorado!


Em said...

WooHoo for blogging! I'll add it to my list! Love you!

annaelyse said...

so just thursday i was at hott guy hyvee in the freezer section and there were three guys stocking and i laughed to myself and thought i need to call nat and remind her about hott guy hyvee. how hilarious! going to miss you A TON!! love you!!