Saturday, February 28, 2009


Today is the last day of February. As if to make sure that we experienced enough snow this month, the weather has done just that. I woke up this morning to a beautiful winterscape out my window with the lawn, driveway, street and neighboring houses all covered in snow. I'm thankful that I really don't have to go anywhere until later, as I really just want to sit and enjoy the beauty of the falling snow. Something about the flakes gently coming down just soothes me and is so peaceful. I'm reminded of fond memories of playing in the snow with my dog as a child, sledding in the yard and all those other fun winter activities that shape a part of my memory. Recently, snow causes me to think about snowshoeing and skiing, which are some of my favorite snow adventures as an adult. I'm reminded of Colorado, and get more excited about being there with my family and friends. I leave one week from today! Hopefully I will take some pictures of the snow in the yard and post them later today.

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Gallo Pinto2 said...

beautiful - but I'm glad we don't have any snow here in IN right now!