Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I realize that my recent posts have been a bit on the reality check and sarcastic side. Lately, I've been learning so much through my interactions with the Lord, that I wanted to share just a glimpse of this with you.
I've been going through an amazing Bible study with my dear friend, Kelly, that has really reached into my life and helped me examine my heart and fostered a deeper intimacy with the Lord. The study is called "a heart that dances," and was recommended to me by a very wise woman, who's opinion I value so much. This week's study is looking at the life of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and some of the truths that can be learned from her experiences. In one of the introductions, a brief summary of Catherine Marshall's life was also provided, including a piece of a prayer of relinquishment that she wrote while sick with tuberculosis. Something about the concept of relinquishing really struck a cord with me, and I sat down to write one of my own. Here's my prayer of relinquishment:

Lord, I come before you with this heart to hand over. I've tried to do things my way time and again. I've done everything in my power to get what I so desperately want, and I've failed miserably. So now I come before You and ask to know You and be used by You. Whether broken or whole, single or joined, do anything you like with my life.
Lord, trusting You is something that I want to come naturally in my life, like breathing. My own devices have failed me, and now I come crawling back to You, withered and disappointed. Give me back hope and faith in Your unfailing love. Give me You above all else, and do with my life as you wish. You owe me nothing, but love me fiercely anyway.

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Love it! Thank you