Sunday, May 31, 2009

eagle's peak

Eva & I decided to do some hiking on Saturday, tossing around a few different ideas. After calling one of the ranger stations & doing some more investigating, we decided 14ers were out. We decided to stay in the area, and opted for Eagle's Peak, which is on the Air Force Academy. We got some directions and hit the trail with Jessie in tow!
The trail was well-defined until we got to the stream, and then it was a little more vague. We actually ended up seeing some people later on who had taken the wrong "trail" and ended up on some other point. The view from the top was 360 degrees of incredible! Here are some pictures to commemorate our hike.

Eva posing by the little stream.

We found this cute little nook by the stream.

Jessie wants to know why I stopped moving. Get with the program, girl!

I used to live way out there in the flatlands, called "Kansas."

Just a peaceful view of Colorado Springs and the Air Force Academy.

P.S. We found spray-painted white arrows on rocks on the way down. That would have been helpful on the way up!


Em said...

Great pics! We miss you, Nat!

Eva said...

Yay for a really fun hike!

annaelyse said...

i'm now living through you. until i get to the mountains myself...hopefully it will be sooner than later but you never know. sigh. love you!