Monday, February 15, 2010

valentine's awkwardness

Most of you know that Valentine's Day is not exactly a favorite for me.  This year it was spent waiting for my family to come into town from Minnesota & Iowa since my Dad's funeral was the following day.  We actually had a great time at dinner with the family and decided not to live on the edge and drive to Kansas City.  There was already a 40 car pile up on I-70 where we would have merged onto the highway to get to Kansas City, and we decided not to make it 41.  So we enjoyed the good old LV standby - Applebee's.
However, the great story is from today at the reception following my Dad's funeral.  A dear couple who have known me since I was 6 years old were talking with me and asked a couple of questions about my life in Colorado Springs.  Keep these things in mind: they are both from the Carolinas, so everything had a great accent; the husband graduated from the Citadel; the wife was an Army brat & they met while he was in training at Ft. Benning.  The husband asked if I had a roommate and then asked if I had a "special gentleman" in Colorado Springs.  I laughed at this question, not because it was particularly funny, but that's my nervous response to this inquiry.  He then said that if he knew any nice first lieutenants or young captains he would send them my direction.  He then said that he & his wife had given up on matchmaking years ago, but it was a nice thought.  I told him that I've inadvertently had that happen over the last several years and it didn't seem to work out too well anyway.  Oh the wonderful awkward situations I'm put in around this time of year.  I just have to laugh & smile because what other response should there be to such awkwardness? 

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Marie said...

I'm sure seeing all of you gather at Applebees would make your dad smile. At least your fam got the LV experience, right?

I think my awkward moment today definitely was pondering whether to take a swig of that communion cup o' germs and trying not to laugh when Cathy talked about backwash. I had never been to a funeral with military honors before. I've seen it on tv, but to see it in person is something else. It was very moving.

As for matchmaking, I tried once to set you up with someone many years ago and we both know it was NOT a good match! Remember Ben?