Saturday, August 15, 2009

way to long

I have officially slacked off and it has been way to long since my last blog post! So I will try to do a concise update.
First, the new job is amazing. The paperwork is a little daunting and I'm still learning a lot, but the environment is so supportive and I still love what I do. I'm learning a ton from my mentor & the other staff members, which has been a huge blessing.
In outdoor news, I'm hiking Pikes Peak on September 12th in support of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) awareness & prevention! The event is called the Pikes Peak Challenge, and I have to raise $150 in order to participate. If you are interested in helping to support me, please click here to donate. Every little bit will help! I really believe in this cause as I have personally worked with survivors of TBIs, and the research is definitely lacking right now. Also, TBI is the hallmark injury of the wars our soldiers are fighting in right now. These victims are often referred to as "the walking wounded" because often they are physically capable, but the brain damage has caused significant deficits. Look for future updates on training for this and pictures from the event!
Housing news consists of looking for a place to live, again. My roommate and I are trying to find a townhome to move into as soon as possible. This has been a frustrating process for me, especially since I thought we already had this figured out. My roommate also has some very specific places she wants to live, which has limited our options. Please pray that we would find something quickly that fits our needs and that the Lord would even provide for some of the "wants" so that we can have a home that serves the purposes He has.
I am continuing to meet new people and establish friends here, which has also been fun and challenging. I like to be genuine, heartfelt and real with people, which not everyone is open to. I am still looking for authentic community and trying to develop that. Thanks for all your prayers and support as I continue to transition to life in a new city.

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