Saturday, August 21, 2010


This week was spent preparing for another friend's wedding!  My friend, Angela, got hitched yesterday evening.  What an exciting and beautiful event!  This wedding was particularly fun because I knew the bride & groom and most of their friends.  The wedding took place at a beautiful chapel about 20 minutes away into the mountains.  Angela was so excited, it was contagious!  She practically skipped down the aisle and jumped up and down after the vows.
The reception was at a lovely little reception hall in town and had fabulous food, conversation and dancing.  Probably the highlight of the entire evening was the couple's first dance.  It started off as a sweet dance to Frank Sinatra and turned into a mash-up of 4-5 songs including some country, hip hop, etc and was entirely choreographed!  It was amazing!
Here is something that I've discovered I don't like about weddings at this age: sitting by myself while people are slow dancing.  Boo!  I really wanted to be out there dancing.  At several weddings my friend, Marie, and I have "slow danced" together and just simply been silly during slow songs on the dance floor.  No Marie to remedy this problem yesterday.
Through this week, the enemy has tried very hard to steal my joy for my friend and tried to point out God's "shortcomings" in this area of my life.  God has been faithful and as I've called on Him to battle against this in my heart, He has given me abundant joy for my friend & peace about where I am now.  I continue to hope that eventually marriage will be a part of my future.  But, for now, God has called me to something different.  I'm learning to be content with this and soak up all that He's teaching me now.

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Marie said...

I wish we could have been there together too. I am proud of you for taking those thoughts captive before they got fixed in your brain. I know it isn't easy to do--I struggle too, with people who have nicer houses than me or have better looking bodies or this or that. You have grown a lot these last 10 years. I love being your friend.