Thursday, July 02, 2009

new job!

I know what you're thinking: "Seriously? Didn't you just start this job in June?" That's right, and now I'm switching jobs! My first work environment ended up not being the best fit for me as a new graduate. I was one of 4 PTs, and 2 of us were new grads. The owner decided to take vacation during our first month, leaving 2 new grads with 1 part-time experienced PT. The for-profit clinic setting was also not one that I particularly loved, as they tried to get a lot of kids through each day. So, long story shortened, the job that I had heard about in February and originally wanted finally opened. The rehab manager emailed me about whether I was still interested, so I applied, interviewed, and loved it! I will be on a staff with about a dozen other PTs, so lots of people to ask questions to, and I'm assigned a mentor and given 1 hour each week to meet with her. The mentoring piece was actually the big kicker for me, and what I was hoping to get in the other job. My previous boss was not very nice to me when I turned in my resignation on Friday, and Monday, at 5:45pm, I was notified that it was my last day. How nice, right? I'm just so glad that I'm moving on to a better environment. I'll be working at a non-profit hospital in Colorado Springs in their outpatient pediatric rehab. I will also get to wear scrubs to work! (They do have to be hunter green, but that's a minor inconvenience!)
Since I don't have to work until July 20th, I took a day and a half to spend time in Breckenridge with my aunt & uncle at their timeshare. It was so fun! Nothing like waking up in the morning & going outside to views of Mt. Quandary! We did some hiking in the area, and I'll post pictures soon, along with whatever adventure Eva and I have tomorrow hiking 14ers. Other big news: I finally have my PT license for the state of Colorado! It only took seemingly forever, but now I'm official & licensed! Time to celebrate!

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annaelyse said...

:O) what a blessing your new job seems to be! congrats. Have an incredible time resting. and by resting i mean climbing mountains. love you!